Empowering those with diabetes and hypertension to do the best for their health

We provide all the tools and information our users need to manage their conditions anywhere, and at any time.

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Personalised health education & coaching

At Baobab Circle, we understand that individuals with chronic illnesses each have their own personal challenges.

Afya Pap uses Al and behavioural science to help our users change their habits, reduce the financial burden of managing their conditions, and improve their health.

Hey Akinyi - Stop what you're doing, stand up and walk around the room. You'll feel better AND you'll live longer.

How much exercise should I do?

Introducing Afya Pap

Afya Pap has a wide range of useful functionality to help our users to tackle their condition.

Personalised Health Chat

Our daily nutrition, exercise and mental wellness chats are easy-to-action and tailored to our users' culture and unique circumstances; ensuring the best possible health outcomes.


Direct-to-Doctor Communication

Keeping healthy isn't always easy to do alone. Our users receive ongoing support from our team of doctors, nutritionists and sports scientists to ensure they are always on the right track.


Health Insights

Our users receive a detailed breakdown of their health readings, enabling them to understand what works for them when managing their conditions, and easily track their progress.


Common Questions

Our topical library allows users to learn from questions members of our community have asked before.


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Here is what our users think of Afya Pap

Orange star

Becky Mulandi

"With the help of Afya Pap I now know what to eat, how to exercise and how to manage stress. It has given me the knowledge I need to take my life back and start living it to the full"

Orange star

Jane Muthoni

"Afya Pap is just... wow. The information I get is personalised to my life and because I use it early in the morning, it sets me up for the day."

Orange star

James Wathigo

"Afya Pap is really amazing. It allows me to track my blood sugar across the day, and gives me even more information than I already had. It's so easy to understand and the information is too good not to share."

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